Budget Travel Misadventure in Prague

The famous John Lennon Wall, which Lennon supposedly graffitied as a student.

Besides adventure travel, Matt and I also enjoy budget travel. This means going somewhere on a ridiculously tiny budget, and still having the time of your life. To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, I’d like to tell you about our couchsurfing* trip to Prague last year.

[*For those of you unfamiliar with this term, it’s where someone lets you sleep in their apartment for a couple nights free of charge.]

Matt was visiting me in Hamburg, Germany, and we wanted to make a short, budget-friendly trip to a new country. We looked through ads posted on ride-sharing websites, and found the cheapest one possible.  Hamburg to Prague for only 20 Euros? It was a done deal.

Our driver, Jeff, who went by “J” (does the name Jeff really need to be abbreviated?), was a computer software programmer. Normally that would be fine, except that J liked his job so much that he described us the intricacies of it for the entire 7 hour journey.

When J finally dropped us off, it was well past midnight. Matt and I were already exhausted from nodding our heads and pretending to be interested in his tech-babble.  At that point, all we wanted was find a bed and pass out for the next 10 hours. But as we soon found out, we were in store for something quite different.

As we climbed the stairs of the apartment building, we heard loud, techno music coming from above. Could it possibly be the place we were staying at? Yes. Our couchsurfing host had coincidentally decided to throw a HUGE PARTY that very night. Even though we were dead tired, we had little choice but to go with it.

Some random party-goer let us in. Our couchsurfing host, Tim, was nowhere to be seen. After asking about 20 people (okay, maybe it was more like 5, but it seemed like 20), we were finally directed to a room at the end of the hall. The door was closed, so we knocked. No one answered. After knocking a couple more times, Matt decided to crack open the door. Well. Boy was that a mistake!! Tim was…uhh…busy. I’d rather not go into any further detail, but suffice to say that on an awkwardness scale from 1-10, it was probably an 11.

We were so embarrassed we even considered leaving. But it was 12:30 at night, we were in a new city (–correction, new country!), with little money and no idea where we were. In the end, we really had no option but to suck it up and stay.

We headed back to the main party room, attempted at making small talk with a few of the other guests, and tried to look like we fit in. A couple beers were thrust into our hands, and a large group screamed “cheers!” in Czech. The last thing we felt like doing was drinking, but after what we’d just witnessed…we would’ve done just about anything to take our minds off it.

Besides, with the party just getting started, we weren’t going to be able to sleep for a while anyway. One beer led to two, two to three, three to four…etc. The last thing I remember is sometime early the next morning (it must have been 5 or 6 am), Tim threw us a blanket. He only had one, so there was a brief struggle. Matt won, so I laid my sweatshirt over myself instead. We both did our best to get comfortable on Tim’s hard-wood floor, and soon fell into an uneasy sleep…

The story is turning out to be longer than I thought, so TO BE CONTINUED….

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Unfortunately we didn’t take any photos that night, but we took plenty walking around the next day…

This guy didn’t blink once.   

(below) My creepy “I can show you the worlllld” pose.      (above) Flesh eating fish are apparently a form of skin therapy.

(below) Look at this and try not to laugh.

In case you didn’t know, we want to make a crazy movie out of our kayaking expedition AND raise environmental awareness at the same time! Help us make our dream a reality by supporting our project (and get something cool in return!)

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3 thoughts on “Budget Travel Misadventure in Prague

  1. Mansel

    Your having way too much…. Keep it up. The world needs folk like you to keep it balanced. I salute you


  2. very good advices!

    if you are interested, follow, read and comment on my blog about couchsurfing: http://www.kseniainbulgaria.wordpress.com

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