FAQ Part II — How we’re funding the expedition!

Here’s the second part of the FAQ, enjoy!

Q: Have you guys ever done anything like this before?

A: Well, kind of. We’ve both gone on outdoor adventure trips (ie, the Appalachian Trail) – but never a large kayaking trip. We just have a bit of recreational kayaking experience, but not a whole lot.

Q: How can you guys afford to go on a 2 month kayaking expedition?

Yes, Matt is eating a stick of butter.

We won’t have a ton of expenses since we’re trying to do this as cheaply as possible. No fancy hotel rooms for us, just sleeping in a tent! Our main expenses will be food, a good videocamera, and a couple decent paddles. However, that’s still going to cost something. We will be using kickstarter.com to fund the majority of the project.

Q: Huh… what’s kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects. Here’s how it works in a nutshell: you pledge a certain amount of money to our project and get a cool gift(s) in return. The greater the amount, the bigger the prize(s).

We haven’t worked out the exact prizes and price points yet, but just to give you an idea…. maybe $5 = a postcard sent from our trip, $15 = a digital copy of our film, $25 = something larger, etc.  We’re also thinking of some higher tier gifts, like a phone call from us on the trip, signed paraphernalia, or a few seconds of air-time on the video where we say/do whatever you want.

Finally, we’re planning on launching the kickstarter project on April 14 — save the date! We’ll post more details about it soon…

UPDATE: We’ve now launched!! Help us make our dream a reality by supporting our project (and get something cool in return!)

To learn more about our expedition and get the latest updates, follow us on Twitter and check out the Expedition Mississippi Facebook Page!

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