How Many RTs Can We Get?: A Crazy Social Media Experiment!

I woke up today with a brilliant idea. ….okay, maybe not brilliant, but at least it should be fun!!

It’s extremely simple. we’re sending out ONE tweet today, at 2:00 pm CDT. I’m not tweeting it a million times — just once. Sure, I’d get a better response, but that would be cheating.

All you have to do is click “Retweet” (RT), and you’ll be listed below in this blog post. Not only that, but we’ll list your full twitter bio too! Not a bad deal, right? 🙂

The cool part is that I’m no @BarackObama or @LadyGaga. If someone with a huge following tried this experiment, all it would prove is that they have a lot of followers. Yes, we have a few hundred followers… but in the Twitter world, that’s small beans. (YES, I just used small beans in a sentence!). So if this works for us, it can work for anyone!

Excuse me, my rabbit is biting my toe right now. Bad Lena. Anywayyy…let’s see how viral Twitter truly is — thanks for your help!!!


And the grand total number of RTs is…..drumroll……….Blackjack! I mean, 21. Okay, so maybe it’s not the massive viral attack I envisioned, but hey, for someone like me who doesn’t have a “huge” following yet, 21 isn’t too shabby — I’d still call it a success. Plus our blog got 67 hits yesterday, our second biggest day ever.

The tweeps that RTd me were an interesting mix of kayaking/camping folks, social media professionals, and a couple misc. ones*. They range from HUGE Twitter accounts (41K+ followers) to ones just getting started (15 followers). Many I’ve interacted with before, but there was also a good amount that I haven’t spoken with yet.

But one thing they ALL have in common is that by RTing @Jordandmatt, they’ve shown that they’re all supportive tweeters, unselfish, and willing to interact if you send a tweet their way!

So without further ado, here we go in no particular order….



Trip planning & social sharing platform for outdoor and travel enthusiasts and the merchants that support them. Plan. Pin. Share.

Sacramento, CA ·

———————————————————————————————————————————————-      Adam Boalt – @boalt

Interactive Strategy, User Experience, Search Marketing, Search Optimization and Social Media enthusiast.

Miami, FL ·


Hendrik Morkel – @hendrikmorkel

Wilderness Guide | Rōnin | Entrepreneur | Minimalist | Author | This is a personal account & does not reflect the opinions of my boss, who is an asshole.

Finland ·



Going the distance for Peace and Understanding!

Elsah, IL ·


Gary Bradford – @plumaslaker

Follower of Christ, Husband, Father. myCampmate Community Manager & CIO, Elected Official, State of CA IT Professional. See

Plumas Lake, CA ·



Jereme Bivins – @jcbivins

Former progressive political operative, turned nonprofit digital marketing & communications specialist. I tweet for @fdncenter. Opinions here are my own.

New York, NY ·


David Barnes – @paddlingboy

I am a sea kayaker, writer and artisan living the good life on Salt Spring Island. Look for my latest book The Hungry Kayaker, available now.

Salt Spring Island ·


Bill Powell – @beholderbill

Happily married man, Cleveland Browns Fan and dog Person, living with a brain tumor and soon to be author and Appalachian Trail thru-hiker

North Carolina ·


Meagan Adele Lopez – @meaganadele

Co-founder @SocialKaty. In England, I lunched, ex @theladylunches. Francophile. Dreams of flying. Author of #ThreeQuestions @USCalumni

Chicago, IL ·


John Wayne Zimmerman – @eRocketFuel

Chief Rocket Scientist of eRocketFuel Social Media. Author of Complete Idiot’s Guide to Facebook Marketing. Avid thrill seeker.

Chicago ·


Lola and Leah – @LolaAndLeah

travel partners in crime. fashionistas sprinkling humor & sass. producing fun travel stories for your reading pleasure. also tweet as @LolaDimarco & @L_e_a_h



Lauren DiMarco – @LolaDiMarco

Avid world traveler, writer & purveyor of fun. Fan of flip flops & summertime. Love making new friends & making them laugh! Looking for the next adventure…

here & there ·


Adam Nutting – @HikingTheTrail is a blog about the journey of one mans dream to hike the Appalachian trail. The adventure is not just on the trail itself.

Overland Park Kansas ·


Traci – @WalkSimply

obsessive daydreamer, outdoor lover, wife to 1 and mom to 2, photo taker, art maker

Orange County, CA ·


Kathy and Wes – @Scrapbooks 

Treasured Memory Preservation Consultants and Scrapbook Business Owners.

Deer Park, WA ·


Sue – @SueOnTheWeb

Online Community Manager for 12 yrs. In between consuming copious amounts of choccie I chat about cmty-Check out my Cmty Manager jobs board

Brit living in Charlotte, NC ·


Logan Pence – @DocPence

Tweeting about life’s mysteries, random facts, jokes, outdoor insights, and #kayaking since 2012. #teamlivebadass #kayakerprobz #Crohnies

warren, pa ·



Native Floridian. Operations coordinator for college bookstore. Seakayak and bicycle as balance

seattle area


Christina Lizaso – @btrfly12

Interests include: Volunteerism, Nonprofit Management, Health & Cancer



Obsessed with everything paddle sports. Canoe, Kayak, SUP, Kayak Fishing, Surfski


Dillon Allen – @dillonangus

Dad, nuclear engineer, enthusiast of many nerdly hobbies (Ham Radio Astronomy, et al), left-of-center right wing nut-job. Just your normal everyday guy. W5DAA

Mississippi ·


To learn more about our expedition and get all the latest updates, follow us on Twitter and check out the Expedition Mississippi Facebook Page!

NOTE* In case you were wondering, this account is for Jordan Sanders & Matt Lowers to keep people posted on their crazy kayaking adventure this summer. However, Jordan is also a social media marketing professional and has also begun tweeting about that too. (PS I love talking about myself in the 3rd person — makes me feel important!)

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3 thoughts on “How Many RTs Can We Get?: A Crazy Social Media Experiment!

  1. All this will really reveal is how engaging your Tweet’s content was.

  2. Lou Ellen Happe

    What a great experiment to take a trip down the White river to the Walbash river whitch is where I live. Leaving the Walbash for the Ohio and then the Mississippi with all those memories

    • Thanks Lou, glad you found us here! You really helped us so much, we wish there was some way we could repay you and Dave. Well at least you’ll be one of the first to get the movie when it’s ready 🙂

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