Preparing for our kayaking adventure: the gear rundown!

As our kayaking expedition is drawing nearer, we’ve had tons of people ask us to make a post on what we’re doing to prepare and what’s been going on.

Well, give the people what they want is what we say!

Last minute gear scramble

First, it’s exciting for us to receive all our sponsored gear in the mail. Parana paddles recently overnighted us a couple pairs of their crazy paddles, just to make sure we’d get them on time…then KRAVE Jerky came in last week, which Matt (and his dog Bailey) tell me is super yummy. So yummy in fact, that she got into the box while Matt was at work and ate 3 bags!! Suffice to say, Matt wasn’t very happy when he got home.

Anyway, our hammocks from Trek Light Gear came in a few days ago too. They look amazing — we can’t wait to field test them. Then after our meals from Hungry Hikers arrive, we should have just about everything from our sponsors.

Outside of the sponsored stuff, we’ve actually bought a couple cool things too. Matt just told me about his new Adidas Climacool Watershoes — he’s pretty excited about them. They look like your basic adidas soccer shoes, BUT they’re made from a breathable, synthetic mesh, and — get this — there are holes in the bottom! That way, water drains right out. For me, I just got these toe- shoes from FILA with a rubber sole (w/small holes in the bottom). When I wear them I look like a crazy, amphibious ninja!

 While I was in Germany, my dad went to REI and got me a Werner Skagit Paddle. From what I understand, it’s not “top of the line” but it’s still a solid choice with a carbon and fiberglass shaft.

Speaking of REI, they were having a sale so we just sent there a couple days ago and stocked up.

-Both Matt and I got an REI brand “Sahara Tech Shirt”, a collared, long sleeve shirt made of quick drying nylon.

-I picked up a goofy, wide-brimmed hat for sun protection.

-We both got Black Diamond “Spot” headlamps. 90 lumins!

-Finally we got Sea to Summit Dry Sacks. Looooots of them!


Now there’s still a bunch of odds and ends we’ll need.

Here’s what we still need to get next week:

-HD Digital Camera & tripod

-waterproof case for Matt’s iphone (we’ll be doing some filming with it)

-extra memory cards

-I just looked through my entire house and couldn’t find my pocket rocket stove anywhere! So it looks like I’ll need another one of those now 😦

-water filter

-rain fly for sleeping in hammocks

-lots of bug spray and sunscreen 😛

If anyone knows where we can get any of the above cheaply, or would like to loan us anything for the expedition (We’ll send it back when we return!)

To learn more about our expedition and get all the latest updates, follow us on Twitter and check out the Expedition Mississippi Facebook Page!

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