Expedition Mississippi: a Krazy, Kayaking Adventure Film

We’re making a video of our 2 month, shoe-string budget kayaking expedition down the Mississippi. The crew will be Jordan Sanders, Matt Lowers, and Daniel Lowers. Besides making an entertaining video, one of our primary goals is to raise environmental awareness and also motivate kids to get away from the screens and go outside. In order to do that, we’ve teamed up with two great non-profit organizations, Leave No Trace and Paddle4Peace. (See an earlier post for more info about these organizations)

 Some people have been asking, “why would people watch this?? Is it just a video of you guys kayaking down the river?”

The short answer: NO.

That’s been done before, and by professionals (with film crews!) with way more experience than us.*

And THAT’S the whole point.

The fact that we’re inexperienced kayakers, going on such a crazy expedition should make this video ridiculously awesome! Jordan has kayaked maybe twice in his life, for about an hour or two. Matt, his brother, and his friend Chris have kayaked a handful of times for a fun afternoon. That’s it. Seriously. With that being said, we’re still taking a couple kayak safety training classes before we leave (gotta be safe!)

We’re willing to bet we’ll encounter more than our fair share of misadventures, problems and hilarious situations. During the course of the expedition, there’s sure to be all sorts of surprises in store for us (there always are!). The film will focus on us overcoming these obstacles.

 And that leads to another point. We’re also doing this to show you that if WE can do it, with practically no kayaking experience, YOU can do it. Or any sort of adventure for that matter.

Below is a special, limited time discounted price to pre-order our movie. Click on the button below to pre-order the digital copy of our film for $11.95.

Thanks for your support, we are extremely grateful!!!

*(Please note that the movie won’t be released until October/November)

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