About Expedition Mississippi

Like Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, we’re embarking upon a crazy, 2 month kayaking expedition down the Mississippi…and making it into a movie!

Best friends since college, we’ve gone on tons of shoe-string budget adventures before. We went on 6 week Euro-trip, a cross country road trip through the U.S. in an old van, hiked sections of the Appalachian Trail (AT)…etc. (For more about who we are, read our Bios). This time though, we’d like to share our crazy adventures with the world. We want to create a video of our trip…encompassing the highlights, low-lights, and everything in between.

Besides making an entertaining video, one of our primary goals is to raise awareness about the need to preserve the Mississippi River and its surrounding wildlife. In order to do this, we’ve teamed up with two fantastic organizations, Leave No Trace and Paddle4Peace. We feel like the further we get down the river, the more we’ll be doing to spread peace and environmental awareness.

Also, Jordan is a social media marketing professional and recently started making Social Media Related Posts here, like this.

 Now Funded On Kickstarter! Although it’s too late to get our Kickstarter prizes, we’ll have the film available for pre-order soon, stay tuned!

Follow the adventure:


Expedition Mississippi Facebook Page


3 thoughts on “About Expedition Mississippi

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  2. Jeff

    How can I follow your progress? What is your route?

    • Hi Jeff, sorry for the late reply. We just got back, had to end a bit early due to several factors. This recent interview we did explains everything… http://bit.ly/NJrSEp

      Our route was the White River to the Wabash to the Ohio to the Mississippi… unfortunately we had to stop just 40 miles short of the Miss. in Metropolis, IL!

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